Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Recent statistics show a new printed t-shirt brand is born every 0.26 seconds in the UK alone. Standing head and shoulders over so much of the sub-graphic design/ illustration fodder that has saturated the market in recent times is T-Shirt Party

Core to this brand is it's distinctly British take on street culture; referencing everything from grime to Soul 2 Soul, it was this aesthetic approach that made T-Shirt party so fresh, unique, and ultimately successful.

With the mission statement of 'setting T-shirts free' they released a new design every week, designed by enigmatic head honcho Stan Still and a range of esteemed contributors (incl. Ferry Gouw, Tim and Barry, Studio Downturn and many more).

TSP20: Delicate Flower video

I was lucky enough to have mine and Oscar Godfrey's 'Delicate Flower' design, featuring Mike Tyson's head superimposed onto a rose, featured for the labels 20th release. Got all kinds of messages on Facebook of pics of people wearing the tee, and received lots of nice compliments when wearing the design out, particularly at Notting Hill Carnival. We also did a SuperSuper shoot of many of the designs as part of a diy tee trend story. Feels good to have been a part of T-Shirt Party history.

SuperSuper T-Shirt shoot with designs from T-Shirt Party, Long Clothing, Copson Street and a few bespoke ones by myself! 
Pics: Billa. Styling: Zoe Jenkin

All 52 weeks are now up, and should you still wish to purchase one you'd better hurry up as they are due to cease trading on the 3rd April.

Couple of press links can be found heeere...

RIP to T-Shirt Party, and thanks for having me :)

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