Saturday, 25 June 2011


Whether it’s on the streets or in the style blogs, Gwyneth Tang’s incredible hair and super-chic style make her pretty hard to miss. Needless to say, when I had to choose someone to feature as the ‘Get My Look’ subject for SuperSuper #24, it seemed hard to think of a more natural candidate…

Look 1.

“This is my friend’s skirt - I like it because it makes the colours of this outfit go really well together. I have to wear it with a belt that I found in charity shop, because the skirt is actually too big for me. The belt itself is actually really long, I think it must be for obese people or something - I have to wrap it round twice! The shirt is just from American Apparel. As for my hair, it doesn’t take too long to do, but I have to bleach the roots every month and I’ve done an all-over dye seven times now, so it’s starting to break off!”

Look 2.

“I bought everything in this look from Hong Kong, it’s really cheap there. I only paid 50 cents for the skirt and shirt, but you really have to look for good pieces there. It’s not like in proper vintage shops, where everything has been selected - all the shops are basically full of second-hand rubbish, so you have to really look to find anything good. The belt and shoes were gifts from a friend.”

Look 3:

“It only actually takes me two minutes to do my hair like this. The jacket and skirt are both from H&M - I actually noticed Rihanna wearing a similar jacket in one of her videos recently, but I doubt hers was from H&M! The top was 50 cents from Hong Kong, I stole the stockings from a friend and the shoes are from a charity shop in Belgium.
I must spend 3-4 hours a week rummaging through clothes… I tend to look around East London and in charity shops.”


“The coat is from Brick Lane. I actually bought a similar one in black from Hong Kong. I won’t wear real fur though in London because it rains a lot, and it will probably ruin the jacket - not that I’ve actually tried it, but I’m assuming it would be like that anyway. The shirt is from Hong Kong again, and the necklace was acquired from a Catholic society. And no, I’m not a Catholic…”

Originally featured in SuperSuper #24. Words by me. Photos by Louie Banks, Makeup by Theresa Davies.

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